About us

Kadmas UAB

Kadmas UAB is a company providing accounting services. Since the beginning of its activity in 2005 Kadmas UAB keeps implementing its own vision and helps individuals not to get lost in the labyrinths of legislation, saves their time that they can spend developing and realizing their own business idea.


Accounting company can help other companies deal with finance management, supervision, analysis issues better and in a more flexible manner. It can be a good helper in a process of establishing or reorganizing a firm, accounting for consolidated companies.

On customer’s request, Kadmas UAB establishes a company, advises on accounting issues or recommends partners for legal issues. If companies’ owners decide to terminate their activities, Kadmas UAB helps to prepare all financial documents for this to be implemented.

Kadmas UAB professional team is headed by a Director holding 23 years of experience as a financier. Deputies of the Director have over 15 and 10 years work experience as financiers. Company’s leading financiers have more than 3 years of bookkeeping experience.


If you appreciate responsibility, timely performance of commitments to partners and quality of works performed – Kadmas UAB can become your solid and reliable partner.

Kadmas UAB works in a way that it wins trust of its customers and establishes long-term cooperation based on mutual respect.
Kadmas UAB is a responsible and well experienced company that constantly updates its knowledge, learns in practice and strives to be more efficient. A company has insured its activities, however notes that no legal dispute or insurance event has ever been raised or present during the years of activity. Quality and timely performance of commitments to partners are held as a priority. The company is motivated by positive evaluations of its customers and controlling institutions that provide services to Kadmas UAB, as well as long-term and stable activities of its own.


Kadmas UAB does not promise cheap services. The company values its reputation and quality and promises that pricing will depend on the amount of services you wish to receive from Kadmas UAB.